Hair removal

Excessive body hair, which is either hereditary or occurs due to hormones (hypertrichosis / hirsutism) can be very upsetting to the sufferer. The removableness of the hair depends on the hair roots having stored a lot of melanin during the growth phase and/or having a dark pigment. Laser epilation involves light energy being directed onto the colour pigments of the hair. The colour pigments convert the light energy into heat. This heat is then absorbed by the hair roots. The laser treatment leads to a considerable slowing of the hair growth, to the thinning of the hair, and in an ideal scenario to the complete cessation of hair growth.

The laser impulses only damage those hair follicles which are in an early phase of growth at the time of the treatment (the anagenesis phase). This totals approx. 30 per cent. All of the remaining hair continues to grow normally, meaning that several treatment sessions are necessary per area in order to achieve the required degree of success.

During the 3-4 weeks preceding the treatment, the hair should not be removed with the root – meaning that it shouldn’t be picked out or treated with wax or similar. Affected areas can still be shaved, however.

  • Treatment with the high energy flash lamp (Lux RS, R)
    eminently possible
  • Length of one treatment:
    30-240 minutes – depending on the area
  • Pre-treatment and aftercare:
    with anaesthetic cream and chilling
  • Number of treatments:
    6-12 treatments, according to diagnosis
  • Interval between the treatments:
    4-8 weeks
  • Cost per session of treatment
    in accordance with the GOÄ (Fees Regulations for Doctors, Germany); approx. 50 – 450 Euros

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