Senile warts and skin tags

Senile warts are seborrhoeic keratoses, which means partly pigmented verrucous hornifications or elevations on the surface of the skin. They are predominantly found on the torso and facial areas and on body folds. They often occur with older patients, but sufferers can also be people with very dry skin.

Skin tags are pendulous fibromas, meaning pediculated sweat papillule predominantly occurring on the throat, under the shoulders or in the groin area.

These tissues are removed using the carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) - the so-called ‘light scalpel’. The mutations are then removed through vaporisation, precisely and gently for the adjoining tissue and without the flow of blood.

  • Treatment with the ultra pulsed CO2 laser
    eminently possible
  • Length of one treatment:
    30-120 minutes – depending on the area
  • Pre-treatment and aftercare:
    with anaesthetic cream and chilling, and local anaesthetic if necessary
  • Number of treatments:
    1-2 treatments, according to diagnosis
  • Interval between the treatments:
    3-6 weeks
  • Cost per session of treatment
    in accordance with the GOÄ (Fees Regulations for Doctors, Germany); approx. 25 – 180 Euros

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