Spider veins

Spider veins are small, line shaped and clustery vein dilations, mostly on the lower or upper part of the leg and predominantly occurring in women.

Spider veins can be removed with a ‘micro-sclerotherapy’ treatment (sclerosing). This treatment involves the injection of a mild sclerosing agent into or near the spider vein which should cause the agglutination of the wall of the vein (also see phlebology / spider veins). The smallest spider veins, or the parts of the vessels that remain after sclerosing, are well suited to the application of a laser treatment.

  • Treatment with micro sclerosing:
    perfectly possible
  • Length of one treatment:
    10-60 minutes
  • Pre-treatment and aftercare:
    possible use of anaesthetic cream – subsequent use of wrap bandage
  • Number of treatments:
    1-5 treatments, according to diagnosis
  • Interval between the treatments:
    3-6 weeks
  • Cost per session of treatment
    Costs per treatment in accordance with the GOÄ (fees regulations for doctors, Germany) see patient information.

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