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Botulinum toxin treatments

Botulinum toxin treatments for the correction of lines and wrinkles

As a result of the over activity of the mimetic muscles, frown or forehead lines and wrinkles often develop. The injection of botulinum toxin in exactly these areas inhibits the release of a signal for the triggering of muscle contractions and temporarily paralyses the affected muscles.

The voluntary, and in most cases the involuntary tensing of the facial muscles in these areas is no longer possible, lines smoothen or completely disappear and the face looks more relaxed and friendly.

The treatment normally takes effect after approx. 48-72 hours. The optimal effect will occur within 1-2 weeks. The facial expression becomes more relaxed whilst continuing to be very natural. The result of the injections normally begins to recede within 3-6 months. As soon as the effect begins to recede a refreshing treatment can be completed.

The treatment methods can also be very successfully complemented with other wrinkle correction options, such as wrinkle injections, laser treatments (photo rejuvenation, Fractional as well as peeling methods.

Botulinum toxin treatments for hyperhydrosis treatment

Up to 2.4 million people in Germany (approx. 1-3% of the population) suffer from the indisposition of ‘hyperhydrosis’, which means that they suffer from excessive sweating in the armpits, on the face, on the hands or feet, irrespective of the temperature and according to the situation. For sufferers, this means a considerable impairment to their day to day life. The use of botulinum toxin is permitted for the treatment of abnormal sweating in the arm pits (primary hyperhydrosis axillaris) in Germany, and it thus offers an effective remedy.

Primary hyperhydrosis axillaris is triggered through damage to the sweat glands. The use of the type A botulinum toxin substance in the treatment of this illness has a success rate of more than 90% and is without any major side effects.

The medication is injected under the top layer of skin. At this point, the transmission of impulses from the nerve to the sweat glands is interrupted, thereby inhibiting the production of sweat. For the patient, the treatment usually has a very clear effect since the abnormal sweating stops as soon as a few days after the treatment, before normally reaching a stable level within 1-2 weeks. As it concerns a reversible process, the treatment must be repeated after about 7 months.

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