Warts / papilloma virus

Warts are benign surface virus infections of the skin with reactive hornification or papillomatoses (peduncle and / or ‘mulberry’ formation). The triggers are so called ‘HPV’ (human papilloma virus) infections.

Depending on their dimensions and localisation, alongside traditional treatments (plasters, cream, cyrotherapy / ice treatment etc.) warts are also well suited to laser therapy treatments.

Especially peringual warts (e.g. near the finger nail) and plantar verrucas (warts which appear on the sole of the foot) allow themselves to be removed with a suitable laser treatment.

  • Treatment with laser systems:
    perfectly possible
  • Length of one treatment:
    10-20 minutes – depending on the area
  • Pre-treatment and aftercare:
    with anaesthetic cream and chilling, and local anaesthetic if necessary
  • Number of treatments:
    according to diagnosis, 1-3 treatments, possible more
  • Interval between the treatments:
    2-3 weeks
  • Cost per session of treatment
    costs can normally be covered by the health insurance schemes

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