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Skin tightening

Lux 1540™ Fractional

We use the Lux 1540 Fractional, from Palomar with great success for this indication.
This laser got its approval in the USA for the treatment of acne scars and stretch marks. In addition it is suitable for skin rejuvenation as well as for treatment of surgery scars and pigmented moles / melanosis.

Hormonal melanosis appears either during pregnancy or with the use of oral contraceptive in combination with exposure to sunlight. The therapy with the Fractional laser offers here improvement, where conventional attempts with Blanche Cream or fruit acid peeling are limited.

The key aspect of the Fracional specimen however lies with the skin rejuvenation. While the pulses of the Erbium-Glasfierlaser create microscopic damage within the epidermis and dermis, the surrounding tissue stays intact. Following this, new cells and collagen start developing. Adverse reactions from the treatment are low, enabling the patient to be immediately presentable.