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Wrinkle injections

Wrinkles correction with Radiesse®

The volume filler Radiesse visibly counteracts the natural ageing process and ensures a youthful skin appearance face, by compensating volumes deficits – for example hollow cheeks – and tightening face contours.

Radiesse belongs to the so called temporary implants. Over time, the body completely eliminates the wrinkle under-filling substance. At the same time the collagen production of the skin is systematically stimulated by calcium microspheres. In this way the natural face contours come into their own following the wrinkles treatment.

With the treatment by Radiesse in particular deep wrinkles and even hollow cheeks are noticeably receded. In addition, you can achieve a youthful V-form by treating the chin area. The treatment with Radiesse was well tested in clinical studies with clear evidence of to effectivity and safety.

The effect is visible directly after treatment. In most cases one appointment is enough to achieve satisfying results.

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